Our platform as a basis for your projects

After years of extensive R&D, we developed our so-called "MedCast-platform". It serves as generic Cloud-infrastructure for telemedical systems and provides the required hardware and software components, such as the VPN server, VOIP server, messaging server, databank server, and monitoring server.

In addition, the implemented communication protocol offers secure and fast transmission channels in accordance with current standards and norms.

Our MedCast-platform was primarily developed for use in a healthcare context (e.g., outpatient treatment while medical experts provide necessary treatment instructions remotely), but it can also be adopted for other more general contexts (e.g., "TeleExperts" in industrial and eHealthTelemonitoring in vehicles). In addition, further integration with Internet of Things devices (IoT), can lead to automated (sensor) data evaluation.

Services MedCast


Our cloud connects not only people but also information systems and medical and communication devices.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are our primary concerns when developing our systems. Therefore, our network technology complies with the current state-of-the-art.

Compliant with Current Standards

MedCast is an all-inclusive data and communication platform that complies with the international ISO/IEEE 11073 standard and has been optimized for telemedical applications.

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