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The Corona pandemic has brought about major changes in social life over the past year. To protect patients, contact restrictions and, in particular, visiting bans are strictly enforced, especially in hospitals and nursing homes. This leads to considerable restrictions in maintaining social contacts and to loneliness. Due to these circumstances, the use of video calls has already become widespreaded as a means of staying in touch with friends and relatives from a distance. However, a laptop, smartphone or tablet alone are not enough to satisfy the need for social interaction.

The Temi Robot is the solution to many problems.

With the robot's humanoid appearance and ability to navigate the premises on its own, it conveys the feeling that someone is always there for you. With its human-like appearance, it can provide relief for many seniors in their often lonely daily lifes. One can quickly and conveniently participate in a video consultation with the attending specialist via the DiC-TeleDoc app. So that they are not forced to visit a doctor's office in person for acute complaints during this difficult time. This also saves nursing homes, for example, having to call the em ergency service, and doctors do not have to close their practices for a home visit.


Information on the different areas of application (only German):



TeleDoc: The Doctor on Site. Immediately.

Teleconsultations allow physicians to remotely provide their patients with medical care anywhere and anytime. In contrast to other systems, the TeleDoc not only offers video telephony, but also permits, inter alia, real-time transfer of vital parameters. This enables physicians to examine and treat their patients precisely, although they are not physically there.

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Consultation from home

TeleDoc is a certified software for conducting video consultations. These can be billed by the attending physician according to EBM.

Connection of medical devices

Easy-to-use medical devices enable measurement of blood pressure, blood glucose and temperature directly in the domesticity. They can be stored in the client's file and sent to the telemedicine provider.

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Unterhaltung im Alltag

Social contact on the screen

Besides from medical care, patients can Skype via the Temi and thus stay in touch with their trusted relatives. Operation is intuitive and can be controlled barrier-free thanks to the integration of Alexa and its voice commands.

Entertainment in everyday life

In addition, Temi keeps you entertained even during bad weather with various entertainment programs. Videos and music can be played or even cooking recipes can be read aloud.

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