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How can I price a video consultation?

The following services can get offered and priced in a video consultation:

  • Problem-oriented medical conversation (03230, 04230)
  • Anamnese and/or instruction or support of caregivers (21216)
  • Psychosomatic consultation, treatment, advice, discussion or clarification (single treatment) (22220)

On top of that there are telemedical-specific extra charges:

  • Charge for authentication of an unknown patient (01444)
  • Charge for technology (01450)
  • Start-up funding video consultation, limited until 09/30/2021 (01451)

For video consultations, doctors and psychotherapists charge their respective basic or insured flat rate (except GOP 03030, 04030, 12220 and 12225) or the flat rate for radiation therapy (GOP 25214). In addition, if the respective requirements are met, they can apply the following extra charges:

  • Charges for basic medical care (PFG charges)
  • Additional flat rates for the fulfillment of the primary care order (GOP 03040/04040)
  • Charges for the support of primary care by qualified non-medical practice assistants
    (GOP 03060 / 03061)
  • Charge for treatment by conservative ophthalmologists (GOP 06225)

Labeling: The billing is to be labeled with the pseudo-GOP 88220 if the patient only "visits" the video consultation in a quarter. A regulation that the number of these treatment cases is limited to 20 percent of all treatment cases of the doctor / psychotherapist is due to the Corona virus suspended for the second quarter of 2020.

Discounts: If the patient no longer comes personally to the doctor's office in a quarter year and thus limits his contact to video consultations, the health care provider will make a specialist group-specific percentage discount (for general practitioners: 20%) on the respective flat rate / surcharge.

For more information look on the website of the KBV or in the flyer about pricing of video consultations from the KBV.

Please note that these regulations and laws are only valid for the German health care system.

Is the TeleDoc software working on a terminal server or Windows 7?

No, Windows 10 is required and the software should get installed directly on a client computer. Other constellations could work under certain circumstances, but they don't have to. We do not guarantee this and unfortunately can't afford the additional effort required for testing.

On which terminal devices does a video consultation work?

The web-based software has been released and tested on tablets, notebooks and workstation computers. A webcam, a microphone, speakers and ideally a headset must be available. Chrome must be installed as a browser on the device. Mobile phones are not released or approved for the software. We cannot guarantee proper functionality on mobile phones.

How do we get the consumption material for the blood glucose meter and the spirometer?

We currently do not sell the consumption material ourselves. We may be able to sell it in our webshop in the future. Until then we can only refer to our own suppliers: Vitalographand Medisana.


Our expertise is available for you.

Is a Bluetooth connection necessary for medical devices?

Blood glucose meter and blood pressure meter don't have to get explicitly connected! Only the Littmann stethoscopes have to be connected initially.

Is it necessary to register a mobile number when creating a new user?

If a mobile number is entered for a doctor user, they will automatically receive a text message on their mobile phone when a new request is made, regardless whether it's triggered by EVA / VERAH / NäPa or the patient for a video consultation. If he does not want this, the number must get deleted from the user information. For other users, entering the mobile number has no specific function.

Is it necessary to register mobile number and e-mail adress when creating a new patient?

If this information is available, a TAN that is created by the MFA can also be sent to the patient by e-mail or text message.


What People Say

"As initiator and ideas provider of the TeleDoc system, I actively promote the deployment of the system into a comprehensive network to benefit the German emergency medical services as whole. But I also see much potential in using this system to relieve local medical practices through teleconsultation."

Prof. Dr. Rolf Rossaint
UNIV.-PROF. DR. MED. ROLF ROSSAINT Director of the Department of Anaesthesiology University Hospital Aachen (Germany)

"Docs in Clouds always proves to be a reliable research and development partner for innovative medical research projects by providing new ideas and hands-on solutions to various problems in deploying eHealth."

Andreas Follmann
DR. MED. ANDREAS FOLLMANN Consulting Physician University Hospital Aachen (Germany)

"The wellbeing of my patients is my primary concern. Because of various time constraints, I often cannot attend to various house calls. Through the usage of Docs in Clouds systems, I hope to provide better and sustainable medical supervision, e.g., in senior citizens' homes and nursing homes."

Dr. Raphael Waloca
DR. MED. RAFAEL WALOCHA Family Practice, Wermelskirchen (Germany) Praxis Walocha

"For me, telemedicine is a great opportunity to avert stressful situations for nursing staff. Unlike in the hospital, there is no doctor on site in the everyday care of the elderly. The responsible nursing staff is often in conflict concerning medical questions: Do I have to call the emergency doctor now? Is the medical emergency service enough? Or I can wait until tomorrow and ask the family doctor? Thanks to telemedicine, a doctor can be consulted immediately. The psychological burden and pressure on the caregiver can be significantly reduced and the job satisfaction increased. We also hope the number of hospital admissions we have received so far can be reduced even further."

ARNO BRAUCKMANN Nursing director Stiftung EvA Gemünd

"The use of telemedicine in our facilities not only helps to improve medical care for our residents, but also presents us as an innovative and pioneering employer. Last but not least this also helps us with personnel recruiting."

Tizian Pfister
TIZIAN PFISTER Head of Finance BeneVit Gruppe Mössingen
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