"The personal relationship between doctor and patient is very important during online consultations - also in the future. Distance treatment could otherwise be a supplementary treatment for some ailments. It is important that doctors take an active part in digitalization and distance treatment!"


JOSEF MISCHO President of the professional regulatory committees of the federal medical association of Germany

What makes us special ...

Own cloud

Every customer gets their own cloud due to data security reasons. (For fellow applicants the consultations of all customers get transferred through a shared cloud.)

Safety & Security

Reliability and security are of vital importance. Your consultations are end-to-end (without cloud involvement) and encrypted.


Patients get a TAN from their doctor which is valid for exactly one video consultation. After the patients logged in with their TAN, they get transferred into a waiting room.


To take part in video consultations the patient needs an up-do-date browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, ...) on a terminal device with a webcam, speakers and a microphone.


The doctor needs Windows 10 as an operating system. On their terminal devices the TANs get generated (e.g. by a health care worker) and the video consultations take place after a doctor login.


In the software results and measurements can get documented. After closing a case, a consultation report gets created which can get saved as PDF file.

Video consultations can get priced after the guidelines of the EBM. (FAQs)


Doctor overview

With teleconsultation doctors can provide medical service for their patients at all times through a distance. Our web application on was examined for the Internet Privacy Standards (IPS) and got the seal of approval. As a result we became part of the list of providers for certified video consultations of the German health care system.

TeleDoc Software

Physician-Patient Consultation


Physician and patient talk to each other via video conferencing. Thus, the exchange can take place as in the doctor's office: unnecessary journeys can be avoided.


Operating system & Hardware


For a teleconsultation the doctor needs a standard PC or notebook with Windows 10, a webcam, speakers and a microphone (alternatively a headset).


Patient overview

While designing our software we greatly valued easy usability and accessibility under simultaneous consideration of security criteria. Because of that it is possible to use our video consultation services with all available up-to-date web browsers.

TeleDoc-Starter - WebBrowser

Visiting the doctor's office


To get an appointment the patient usually calls the doctor's office. In relation to the appointment he will obtain a six digit TAN which he can use to log in at the appointed date and take place in the "virtual waiting room". Date and TAN will get transmitted via text message or e-mail if necessary.

TeleDoc-Starter - Patientenansicht2

Operating system & Hardware


For a teleconsultation the patient only needs a smartphone (Android or iOS 13.4) or a tablet device (Windows, Android or iOS 13.4) combined with an up-to-date browser (Chrome or Firefox, Safari for iOS or macOS devices). Of course the patient can also use a common desktop computer or notebook.


Business Partners

Reliability is our key selection criterion for business partners. We are pleased to cooperate with German industry leaders in production and software services to offer reliable and innovative solutions to our customers.

We also provide our services to various research institutes, major enterprises operating globally, and midsize companies.


What People Say

"As initiator and ideas provider of the TeleDoc system, I actively promote the deployment of the system into a comprehensive network to benefit the German emergency medical services as whole. But I also see much potential in using this system to relieve local medical practices through teleconsultation."

Prof. Dr. Rolf Rossaint
UNIV.-PROF. DR. MED. ROLF ROSSAINT Director of the Department of Anaesthesiology University Hospital Aachen (Germany)

"Docs in Clouds always proves to be a reliable research and development partner for innovative medical research projects by providing new ideas and hands-on solutions to various problems in deploying eHealth."

Andreas Follmann
DR. MED. ANDREAS FOLLMANN Consulting Physician University Hospital Aachen (Germany)

"The wellbeing of my patients is my primary concern. Because of various time constraints, I often cannot attend to various house calls. Through the usage of Docs in Clouds systems, I hope to provide better and sustainable medical supervision, e.g., in senior citizens' homes and nursing homes."

Dr. Raphael Waloca
DR. MED. RAFAEL WALOCHA Family Practice, Wermelskirchen (Germany) Praxis Walocha

"For me, telemedicine is a great opportunity to avert stressful situations for nursing staff. Unlike in the hospital, there is no doctor on site in the everyday care of the elderly. The responsible nursing staff is often in conflict concerning medical questions: Do I have to call the emergency doctor now? Is the medical emergency service enough? Or I can wait until tomorrow and ask the family doctor? Thanks to telemedicine, a doctor can be consulted immediately. The psychological burden and pressure on the caregiver can be significantly reduced and the job satisfaction increased. We also hope the number of hospital admissions we have received so far can be reduced even further."

ARNO BRAUCKMANN Nursing director Stiftung EvA Gemünd

"The use of telemedicine in our facilities not only helps to improve medical care for our residents, but also presents us as an innovative and pioneering employer. Last but not least this also helps us with personnel recruiting."

Tizian Pfister
TIZIAN PFISTER Head of Finance BeneVit Gruppe Mössingen

"I take 10 to 26 swabs every day and now I have about 2 coronavirus positive tests per day. Thanks to telemedicine, the anamnesis and examination takes place exclusively without physical contact. The patients then come to the smear test (infection consultation), where I need to wear several pieces of necessary protective gear. Here I can still auscultate if necessary, etc. I firmly believe that this is an important reason why I have not yet infected myself with coronavirus."

Rafael Walocha
DR. MED. RAFAEL WALOCHA Family Practice, Wermelskirchen (Germany) Praxis Walocha
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